Tracking Radars

    Radars at TTR provide data used for range safety, aircraft control, quick look data, and target acquisition and slaving for optics and telemetry systems on the range. All systems are capable of radar, optics, and beacon tracking.

    They are sited at elevated positions around the range to provide maximum coverage and minimize the effects of ground clutter.

Radar 2

    Radar 2 utilizes a pedestal that employs hydraulics to manipulate
    changes in azimuth and elevation. Hydraulics are also used as part of the pedestal bearing assembly. Located at the top of Radar Hill, R-2 provides coverage of targets at the north and south areas of the range.

Radar 3

    A small "bare bones" X-Band system. It is by far the easiest system on range to operate and maintain.

Radar 4

    Radar 4 is our most advanced radar system. It employs Doppler technology to isolate moving targets from fixed. This allows the tracker to maintain a good track through ground clutter and other background noise sources.