Range Control

    The Range Control position is primarily responsible for range airspace and providing test status to fielded operators during test operations. By means of monitoring the graphic displayed run-in line of the Test and Evaluation Command and System (TECCS), Range Control follows the test aircraft's flight path and provides location status, countdown to camera activation, and test unit release point.

    In conjunction with the Test Director, Range Control coordinates real time airspace use and operations with Silverbow Tower at the TTR Airfield, Nellis Air Traffic Control Facility (NATCF), and Nellis Air Force Base Range Control Operations Center (Blackjack). TECCS input displays from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) radars aid in acquisition and tracking of aircraft entering, within, and exiting the restricted airspace reserved by TTR.

    The restricted airspace over TTR is controlled by the Nevada Test and Training Range, formerly the 98th Range Wing, located at Nellis Air Force Base.