Telemetry Ground Stations

    TTR telemetry consists primarily of the equipment and antenna systems located within the CP area; a remote telemetry trailer to capture event data at our distant sites; and a static receiver to capture vital end event information.

    During missions with telemetry, information broadcasted from the article under test is captured by the telemetry antennas. The telemetry systems at the main facility can cover all of the northern targets and most targets to the south.

Southern targets are typically augmented with the Remote Telemetry Station. This trailer has the capability of capturing and recording locally.

    The Telemetry team also provides ancillary equipment support. Pictured above is one of our neutron detectors. The older model utilized an oil bath scintillator but the newer model detector employs plastic scintillators. These neutron detectors are placed in an array around a target and detects/records any neutron activity that occurs.

    Weather information aloft is gathered with a Vaisala Radiosonde System. Launched by weather balloons, the small lightweight radiosondes provide real-time temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure and wind information.