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Test Operations Center

    The Tonopah Test Range (TTR) Test Operations Center houses mission critical systems and personnel that coordinate all test activities during testing operations.The Control Room provides a 360 degree view of the test range. Thirty-seven monitors within this space provide detailed tracking information, along with real time video of test events. Data from telemetry, Tonopah Range Acquisition and Control System (TRACS) tracking computers, and Test Evaluation Command and Control System (TECCS) feed the control room with real time data.

    A Unified Communications server integrates fixed air-to-ground radios, land mobile radios, analog telephony, and customized voice over internet protocol (VoIP) conferences for TCP/IP delivery to the end user; ensuring effective command and control (C2), critical situational awareness, and safety of flight testing.

    All critical systems at TTR have a backup system to ensure reliable test data during testing operations.

Photos courtesy of Sandia Photometrics Division, Org 1535