The telemetry stations at TTR are used for data collection to monitor performance of the test vehicle during the course of the operation. Critical data is displayed in real time during the test. After the test, the data is reproduced and processed into quick-look records for preliminary engineering evaluation. The captured digital recordings are sent to Sandia New Mexico or Sandia California for comprehensive data reduction and archival.

TTR telemetry consists primarily of the equipment and antenna systems located within the CP area; a remote telemetry trailer to capture event data at our distant sites; and a static receiver to capture vital end event information.

During missions with telemetry, information broadcasted from the article under test is captured by the telemetry antennas. The telemetry systems at the main facility can cover all of the northern targets and most targets to the south.

Southern targets are typically augmented with the Remote Telemetry Station. This trailer has the capability of capturing and recording locally.