Entry Points

A security portal system is deployed at each entry point which will increase in-processing times. All personnel will be required to exit vehicle and transgress through a security metal detector while all equipment and/or personal items are scanned. Driver assumes responsibility for the vehicle and will be required to open all inner/outer vehicle compartments for physical search without exception.


  • Main Gate:¬†Continuous Operations; (24/7)
  • Cedar Gate:¬†Continuous Operations; (24/7); Management approval only.

Vehicle Access

Company-owned and rental vehicles are authorized with appropriate registration and/or rental documentation; however, personally-owned vehicles are not*. To prevent access delays, when requesting a rental vehicle it is highly recommended the vehicle not be equipped with a backup camera, GPS, OnStar, or Bluetooth options. If vehicle is equipped with such options, please attempt to have the functions disabled by the rental agency or vehicle will not be authorized in controlled areas.

  • Please note, if the vehicle is registered to an individual, the vehicle is considered a POV regardless of purpose/use.