Accessing the Tonopah Test Range

Access Requirements All visits must be approved by Range Management or delegate.
Personnel must be a U.S. citizen and 18 years of age.

Non-US born individuals must provide proof of citizenship
(naturalization number/certificate):

  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Certification of Birth
  • Consular Report of Birth
  • U.S Passport

SNL/TTR is an extremely remote location, geographically 240+ road miles from the nearest metropolitan area with a varying altitude between 5,000-6,000 feet. There is no immediate on-site medical care available beyond emergency medical technicians who may perform basic triage treatment and transport as required.The closest rural hospital or urgent care facility is located in Hawthorne, NV (150+ road miles) while the nearest trauma centers are located in Las Vegas, NV or Reno, NV (200+ road miles) from SNL/TTR.

  • Personnel with chronic or serious medical conditions requiring advance medical services should not travel to SNL/TTR.
  • Personnel who are ill and may deteriorate further should not travel to SNL/TTR
  • Personnel who may be contagious or developing symptoms should not travel to SNL/TTR


Visitors are expected to follow Center for Disease Control (CDC), federal, state, local, and/or facility pandemic protocols. Additional information will be communicated separately via email during visit coordination efforts as necessary.